Sunday, November 23, 2008


So - Last week Carrie facilitated me in doing some things that were, in a word, awesome. Thursday, she was supportive of me going to watch a movie a rich dude's place so I could see and sit in his Lamborghini Murcielago Spider, and watch Iron Man on a home theater that would blow any mere mortal away. Full Stadium seating, a 20' wide screen, electrically reclining seats with personal blankets. Awesome.

Then, Friday, she took to a chocolate expo at the expo center in Sandy. There was a lot of crappiness there, but that did not overshadow the two really awesome exhibitors. One is a store in Salt Lake called Caputo's that sells southern European foods including a huge variety of high-end chocolates. They had some truffles made by the guy who makes the truffles for the French Laundry - the most acclaimed restaurant in the country. I had a pumpkin chocolate truffle that blew me away.

Then they had this wall of amazing chocolates with chocolate experts and samples. I learned about the varieties of cacao beans and the differing qualities based on location and growing practices. Then I got to sample them for myself like Chuao by Amadei - widely considered the best chocolate in the world several years running. It is from a bean grown in a specific location in Venezuela. I had some chocolate from (bean source - the chocolate makers were primarily European) Jakarta, Bali, Madagascar, Trinidad, Ecuador, Grenada, etc. We bought some chocolate from them and what we have had so far is incredible. For those who don't like typical really dark chocolate (~70% or so from Lindt or others), you may have a different reaction to the high end stuff.

The other great exhibitor is Amano - an Orem based chocolate maker who is making the best chocolate in the country right now. They source their beans from specific plantations and make one-source bars. I bought a couple regional bars from them (we spent a pretty penny on awesome chocolates), but have not eaten (I "taste" - I don't merely consume) them yet. I had samples and got one each of Carrie's and my favorites.

Caputo's has a chocolate tasting class that I plan to attend when I can. I am very excited about that. I have decided that I will be a connossieur of chocolates. It is a relatively new thing (70% bars have only been showing up since the mid 80's), and it isn't that expensive, and it isn't alcoholic. Wine is ridiculous with the price and complexity and whatnot, and it is evil. Pure evil. Chocolate is goodness in a bar. Love the chocolate.

My point in all this is to say that Carrie knows me, and I love that she does stuff like this for me. It makes me feel all special and loved. Also, it allowed me to get a bunch of world-class chocolate, and there is no going wrong with that.


Carrie said...

Yes I know you better than yourself! This has always been true! You should have titled the post Twue Lowve! Next time...

Matt said...

Thanks for the kind words about your experience at our booth. I hope you will join us for the Dec. 11th class. You will get a lot of info the big guys don't want you to know. The best part of our jobs at Caputo's is turning people onto the underground culture of cacao!
Matt Caputo

Chanda said...

Hey Brian you should head on over to Caputos on a Wednesday afternoon for their lasagna special. Delish!

Jennifer said...

Bri, you talk about chocolate like a girl with PMS. I love it.