Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Who decided that close- or narrow-mindedness should have a direction and a meaning? Who decided that if you agree with a certain vocal group about a given issue such as "gay rights," unintelligent design, or what have you, obviously you are an ignorant fool? Who decided that if you have a moral code that aligns with an organization on any sort of level, certainly you have been brainwashed?

Who decided that if you can't or don't articulate intricate arguments about every issue with bleeding heart passion, you are a simpleton? Who decided that guaranteed rights in the Constitution are mere suggestions unless they fit perfectly with a given ethos?

I am disturbed by the crap hitting the fan with Proposition 8's fallout. People opposing are demanding that there be a recant of the vote because the quiet majority disagreed with them. Religious groups are being attacked as brainwashing centers of ignorant bigots, and Mormons are the bullseye in the target. Mormons tend to disagree with some issues, so they are wrong, evil, and infathomably stupid?

This is truly a phenomenal time in our history. I mean "phenomenon." Apparently some gay rights activists are trying to make connections with the civil rights movement in the 60's, except no one is stopping them from being jerks, let alone civilly responsible. Minorities before 1964 couldn't bring their issues to court barring such fiascoes as Brown vs. Board of Education Topeka, Kansas. Here, the issue was brought to a referendum. The hate was directed by the minority at the groups who ended up on the majority side. Weird twist, huh?

Now in Colorado, someone burned a Book of Mormon at the temple and the act is being investigated as a hate crime, and that is blowing people's mind's? How can you have a hate crime against the majority? Who cares about the majority? They clearly can be lumped into a large, handy group and are all doing just fine.

I will lay out my beliefs. Some people are gay. I don't know why or where it comes from. I am not thinking we should try to "fix" anybody. I think that people in relationships should be able to visit each other in the hospital. I think marriage is one man and one woman. That is what I believe. I have thought about it. I don't take anything like this on any one else's word. I have my own brain that I have been involved in developing. I think for myself, and I disagree with the very vocal people crying foul and brainwashed and stupid and bigot. I feel there is an important need for being able to discuss even very difficult topics civilly and diplomatically. But I may not change my opinion, and I may disagree forever. And some people may just have to learn to deal with that, and some may agree with me. Basically, we all need to be nice. My mom taught me that.

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