Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pictures from yesterday

Here are the pictures from yesterday's ride. The other dude is my buddy Matt Schroeder, and the red Honda Super Hawk is his. The orange bike is another friend's (Adam), and it is the Kawasaki ZX-7R he is letting me borrow for a while. Enjoy!

This clearly shows the snow that blocked our path a few miles up the Alpine Loop. Hence the thumb pointed downward.

Matt and his bike.

A little Utah Valley view action below us at the Squaw Peak Overlook.

Behold the 90's!


Jennifer said...

You're nuts.

Brian said...

Thanks? Why do you say this?

Jennifer said...

B/c you take pictures of your buddy and those bikes like it's prom.

I mean it in a good way. Well, I mean it is endearing.

jeanine said...

ahh Squaw Peak... good times.