Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Title

So I just changed the name of my blog to "Rants about whatever." This will be among the first to illustrate the reduction in focus.

Can I get some feedback on how socialist our country is going so quickly? We just had the first 100 days of Obama. People keep pointing to how incredible it is that we have a black president. So what?!?! Who cares about his skin color and ethnicity? If you like it or not, you have some bigotry issues. I see only red when he speaks. With a gold hammer and sickle.

100 days has brought huge amounts of banking control under the oligarchy's control. 100 days saw the start of the process of our country's leaders taking control of on of the biggest segments within. Good for the American people? What do they know? These people have a history of politicking and lobbying and compromising and embellishing and sneaking. They don't know engineering. They don't know design. They sure don't know chemistry and physics and apparently economics. They don't even know geography and agriculture. Why are they sticking their grubby hands in all of it?

America became great through some laissez faire thinking with some small amount of regulation. Communist Russia and the Eastern Bloc fell through government totalitarianism and micromanagement. Emulating those great icons of self-serviance will get us nowhere good.

How is it that so many young people in America who are so interested, supposedly, in individual freedom, choice, and individuality jumped so eagerly on the bandwagon? Obama, when he wanted kids to listen, spoke constantly of "change" with little specifics. When he spoke specifically, he spoke of government hands-on. Our budget deficit was bad before, but look what the Obamination has provided ALREADY!

Why is not more of the country fearing for every last liberty when Obamadministration steamrolls ideals and rights they claim inhibit the "greater good?" We believe in a privatized economy for some very real reasons. We believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendments for even more easily understandable reasons. We need to protect all of our rights from invasive government. The Constitution was not ratified until those first 10 were included. Why remove guns from the hands and practice of law-abiding citizens? Because non-gun-enthusiasts think it is ridiculous? How do they think that disarming good people will protect good people? Bad people are already getting guns.

And Janet Napolitano? Really?!?! This is the woman who, as governor of Arizona, faced a $90 Million deficit. Did she consider how to cut spending? No! She brought in tons of traffic cameras to violate the basic rights of her constituents to have them bankroll her overspending. Now she runs Homeland Security. She is busy telling law enforcement agencies to beware veterans because of their supposed higher risk of joining terrorist groups. Then, she can't bring herself to say that Islamic Jihadists are the ones we are fighting in Asia right now. And, this just in, she is apparently on the shortlist for the soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court Justice position. Oh yeah, and she released and retracted her very awesome Domestic Extremism Lexicon. Lou Dobbs was something south of shy in demanding she be fired along with all others involved with the lexicon this evening on his show. I tend to agree - she seems to be one of a long list of nutcases placed in positions of dangerous power by a "leader" obsessed with changing things that haven't been changed yet.

I am fine with change when it needs changing. Well, I am fine with it provided it is changed properly. A sick person ought to have his status changed - but not by killing him. That is change, all right, but rather extreme. Yes, the auto industry needs change. What American businesses do not need, however, is high-level meddling. Their own corporate structure had too much meddling with too little front-line empowerment. As a trained manufacturing engineer, I have leaned about how to improve organizations quite a lot, and mighty Toyota effected great change on a micro scale by empowering every Toyota employee to change. All those micro changes netted the most powerful automotive company today. A certain one of the Big 3 incorporated some of that philosophy with a healthy dose of Dr. Deming, and Ford is the healthiest of the American automakers.

We want change? We need every available American on-board to make it happen. It needs to happen from the bottom-up, and we need to stop trying to do it the other way around before we cause irreparable damage. Or better yet, we need to change our perspective and see America as a group of individuals who are held up by organizations below and then go top-down. President Obama has an important position at the bottom of that teetering triangle, and he needs to assist the rest of us to be what we need to. He doesn't need to play puppet-master.

Check out Dr. Deming - he is very impressive.

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