Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moto update

On different note entirely from below, my bike is listed. Also, I had a sweet idea regarding the seat for my next bike. I want to make it from some pretty figured hardwood. I would especially like to make it from some book-matched flame/curly maple. I have also considered clear-lacquered purpleheart. If I do maple, I am torn between the idea of a transparent bright blue finish or a straight clear finish. The blue, done right, would have an iridescent look that would sparkle, but the light creamy color of the natural wood is beautiful and would make a sweet contrast to the rest of the bike.

I would make the whole bike black except for the wheels. I would make them bright blue. The seat would either be blue maple or creamy maple. Blue flame maple is AWESOME. Anyway, it would be ridiculously sweet no matter how you spin it.

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Jennifer said...

Go Speed Racer, go go Speed Racer!