Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You have got to be kidding me...

So the president just described his witch hunt. If you haven't seen it, look on YouTube and find what President Obama said yesterday on the Today show about meeting with experts.

Did I miss the memo where it was decided we should have some cool president who can speak classlessly to go and "solve" all of our problems? The chief executive is in charge of executing our laws, right? I have always been under the assumption that the president is supposed to help dispense actual justice.

I am sickened. This is a mess, and the people in Washington have the gall to say that their extreme policies and procedures aren't the root of the problem of a further dividing America.

Also, I am really not sure how people think that it might turn out all right if our government takes over or more heavily regulates more and more of our economy. I don't get how people think it is sustainable that our government can employ more and more people and pay them more and more. The government does not create wealth and value in our country. They can only increase the number of people relying on a not-growing force of wealth-creaters. Wow.

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Chanda said...

Hey Bri. Read all your rants. Sounds very serious but don't know what you're talking about, but then I am rather ill-informed. Except the faith based initiative thing--I remember lots of positive press when that came out, in the liberal mags no less. And I STILL think there is something to global warming--and humans' hand in worsening/quickening it. The weather, granted is very changeable and unpredictable--it will never follow a straight line, but there is a trend. And scientists, not greedy CEOs, not people looking for fame and fortune, can link that trend to things we do. I agree with you about Obama over-regulating the economy, time will tell what kind of impact that will have, I'm worried though. Based on the little I've read, the health-care bill does not sound bad. I'm just concerned about how they'll keep it funded. I appreciate Obama and the image he projects to the world. It matters. And I hope it makes us safer from terrorists though it may be too late for that. I just think he is SO much better than Bush. Bush didn't do any under-handed dealings to pass health-care reform (and I'm not saying Obama did, I don't know) he did under-handed dealings to start a war where THOUSANDS of Americans have died. For what? For a lie.