Friday, May 21, 2010

Warning: Conservative Political Rant

About a year ago, certain family members criticized me for being a little extreme when I said I was terrified of what Obama was going to do while in office. I defended myself by saying that the president firing the CEO of one of the largest corporations is terrifying in itself. The free market - though not truly free since government regulations first began in the beginning - truly began being in dire straits when a overstuffed lawyer with a title can start firing powerful businesspeople at will.

Since that time, the fear has increased for me. I have been watching Glenn Beck lately, though I used to decry him as an extremist naysayer and prophet of doom (like many people still do who have never actually watched him in action). He has been discussing a lot of disturbing things about all the Marxists - by their own admissions - in Obama's inner circle of advisors and friends. But I am not going to talk about the allegations - I am going to discuss actual happenings with news coverage and video.

Sunday, a protesting group of 500 members of SEIU - one of the largest unions in the country - gathered on the front porch and lawn of a Bank of America ATTORNEY. This was not some exec dealing in dirty loans - he was a lawyer handling some corporate law.

This mob convened illegally in the man's front yard yelling and chanting. Who was home? The man's 14 year old son. That's it. The man came home from a little league baseball game with his 12 year old son to find the scene. He parked down the street and had to go through the angry crowd to get to his son in the house.

I would imagine that if they tried that at the wrong house in Texas there would have been bloodshed - and I can only hope it wouldn't be the homeowner's family. It is trespassing! It is unconstitutional! That was not peaceable assembly on public land! That is a direct threat! What if someone turned violent. Mob mentality is real - that could have turned real ugly. The police were contacted, but they were afraid to push the crowd - they were afraid of the mob breaking the law and dangerously threatening a private citizen at his place of residence! That is not OK.

Further fun: The head of the SEIU is Andy Stern. Stern likes to talk about global governance and quote Marx ("Workers of the world: UNITE!"). Stern - leader of the group that committed this crime - is the most frequent visitor to the Obama White house.

Obama used to love campaigning on this premise of transparency. He said that when he enacted his healthcare, he would broadcast every second of the talks on CSPAN. I think most people know how that turned out. There were lots of back room dealings and closed door meetings. Every Republican in the House voted against it. Several Dems voted against it. Some planned to, then inexplicably changed their stance around the same time their states were guaranteed disproportionate amounts of money (I'm looking at you Nebraska). Obama started his presidency going on every talk show and news show to talk about how awesome his presidency was going to be. Then the random interviews on the White house premises stopped. Then Obama stopped doing his own press conferences. Then the administration started openly mocking Fox News and threatening to not allow them into press conferences. Now the White house has their own in-house news network. They have their own interview of the Supreme Court Justice nominee posted on the White house website, but no news agency is able to interview her. WTF?!?

And Healthcare! Sure, it WOULD be great if everyone had access to healthcare that was affordable and good. But why all the under-handed dealings. Why does the bill include the provision that all Federally guaranteed student loans would now be handled federally - no more states and private institutions making profits on a lucrative industry. Nope. The federal government, which has proven itself so able with money matters, figures it can outperform the private sector.

A certain uncle of mine thinks I am silly for thinking that the polls just before and after the passing of the bill in Congress should hold any sway with the federal politicians. Some polls were saying that as many as 75%+ of Americans OPPOSED the bill. Supporters barely outnumbered the confused.

I saw a video clip recently of Obama speaking when someone in the audience shouted something out. Obama responded by saying, "Who was that? You wanna come down here and say something?" I have decided that if I ever get a chance to shout something in a public forum like that and get called out, I know what I would say. I would say, "Mr. President - you believe in Democracy, yes? Humor me - these sound like rhetorical questions, but let's go ahead and answer them anyway, shall we? If you like democracy, and remember our country is a republic, why don't we make our legislative process a touch more democratic. How about you don't even let Congress vote on a bill unless a nationwide referendum shows 50%+ public opinion for the bill. Or is it worth asking if you have faith in the American people enough for that?"

Oh and the latest. The media is showing their true colors through their omissions now. Bush started some "faith-based initiatives" and the media went ballistic with regards to how unconstitutional it is. Separation of Church and State! The Founders were atheists and Deists! Christianity kills! Now what has Obama done? He has opened an EPA Faith office to provide funding for faith-based groups (churches) to go green. Caveats? Nothing major - they have to play by some rules the White House has laid out. The can't discriminate in their proselytizing. They can't discriminate in the hiring - in the eyes of the government, that is. The Federal government has already said that churches that get "too political" can lose their tax-exempt status. You can bet that does not apply to them preaching the party line, though. In fact, now that I think about it, Nancy Pelosi was shown - in a speech on video - bragging about religious leaders including archbishops and such pleading for her to push immigration reform. What did she tell them? "You need to preach it from your pulpits first." What? So...churches can be political all they want if it is in line with the party line. And Separation of Church and State is important - if we can keep that Christianity malignant fungus from infected the minds of our poor impressionable kids.

Incidentally, our Founders wanted the opposite. The Constitution with the Bill of Rights does not mention the Separation business. The only mention of it written anywhere from the Founders comes from Jefferson talking about the Anglican Church - which had a secular leader controlling the churches for political gain. The point of it was to protect religion from the State - not the other way around. The nefarious unfoldings of late are scary. And where is the media in talking about so many things so close to the White House being involved with such insidious events? Well, they do talk about Glenn Beck's delivery of his side of things. Did you know he gets riled up?!? I know what you're thinking. He is crazy, right?

Why are there so many Marxists so close to the President? Why does the administration deny allegations of socialism while its supporters (I'm looking at you Al Sharpton, and "Certain Uncle") say, "America voted for socialism when they voted for Obama," or "What is so wrong with 'socialism?'" Hmmmm...what is wrong indeed. Let's look at just a few examples of the redistribution of wealth and/or overblown entitlement and/or government takeovers of private industries. Well, we had the Bolshevik/Menshevik mess starting in 1917 - I always forget which was red and which was white and which one. We had Mussolini. Franco. Chavez. Guevarra. Hitler. Mao. Il-Song. Castro. Pol Pot. Whoever it was in Laos and Vietnam. Wait a minute - that seems like a lot of Government tskeover experiments. Shall we look at them? Are there any there you are not familiar with? Pol Pot ruled a fairly small country. How many deaths do they attribute him with, exactly? If I understand right, it is over a MILLION.

Social Justice is a farce. Justice is great - but the social part is the hangup. When do we start penalizing people for not "including" the unpopular kids? Why does everyone deserve a toilet? Do they? Don't they? Is that an inalienable right that we should march to protect? Call me crazy, but inalienable rights seem like they may be independent of time and technology. Do I think it would be great to have the whole world have indoor plumbing? Yes. Do I think we have a responsibility to help feed the poor? That depends. Who is we? Is it the government? No. They should keep us safe and do as little as possible to set up a safe free market. Do communities and churches and individuals? Maybe. But there is no help having a bunch of bureaucracy to filter the money and resources.

Has anyone else noticed the government has sucked at everything it has decided to run except the military. The military has a great track record when we don't hold them back. I happen to know that we have superiority like hasn't been seen since Genghis Khan. But when has the government actually done anything positive - unequivocally positive - with money? EVER?

The Constitution is under attack. Our own president has talked about how lacking it is. I can only hope that November brings some people to protect the Constitution.

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