Monday, December 15, 2008

More chocolate

I freaking love chocolate.

Thursday, me and a couple coworker friends/classmates went with me to a chocolate tasting class at Tony Caputo's in Salt Lake City. I think I have officially been ruined on crappy chocolate. Real/good chocolate SO much better. When we were about 2/3 of the way through the course, the teacher dude gave us some typical American "dark chocolate" you can pick up in any number of grocery stores. First, we smelled it, and it smelled like fake vanilla - but not chocolate. Then we put it in our mouths, and there was a universally murmured "ugh" around the restaurant area. Matt, the guy teaching, said "it tastes like dirty peanut butter" about the same time I noticed it tastes like peanut butter. It was wrong, and it was not chocolate.

Anyway, when we were looking around afterward to see where to blow our money on fancy chocolate, Rob, one of my buddies, said that I should have a little tasting class down in Provo since I have received chocolate instruction twice. Clearly I am a pro, so I waved it off as ridiculous. Then today, we were talking, and I mentioned it would be cool to host some friends in teaching them about chocolate. Rob naturally pointed out that he said that exactly 4 days ago.

So now I am wondering how to go about having a chocolate class. I am thinking that I can find interested parties and have them chip in some money to get some good chocolates and then explain the funness about chocolate some evening. I am just wondering if I should do that, or if I should try to get Matt Caputo down to Provo to host something like that here.

Tonight it occurred to me that maybe I could get one of the guys from Amano in Orem (the makers of the best chocolate in America) to come and teach us and give us some of his. I figure that if I were to get like 5-10 bars, I could spread the price around the people to get a good assortment of good chocolate, and maybe some bread to cleanse pallettes between chocolates, expecially if I torture everyone with some crappy Dove midway through. Though, that is a bit rude.

I think that could be fun. I love chocolate SOOOOO much.


Jennifer said...

I'm never coming to your chocolate parties. I won't be able to stand the loss of crappy grocery store chocolate when I can't get the real thing. It would be torture - I choose ignorance.

Carrie said...

You don' t HAVE to choose ignorance. I've done all the chocolate tasting - see the difference and appreciate it, but I still eat like 400 kisses a day! So it doesn't totally ruin you unless you are naturally a bit snobby like Brian.

Carrie said...

I love you Brian!

Jennifer said...

Andy's a food snob, too. He used to be a car snob and a house snob, but no longer. Probably b/c we can't buy a house or a car, but we sure can buy food.