Sunday, April 20, 2008

Utopia - Part Two

I had some ideas about the transportation: Golf carts. Little electric carts that are small enough to take up little space and tiny amounts of electricity gathered from easy renewable resources would be perfect. Maybe they are collapsible so they can be stored in a bus that drives around. That would even enable farther trips with less energy expenditure.

Jen - I must say I was very pleased with your comments - in large part because I agree with so many of them. I have wanted to have driver clinics for varying levels of ability since the get-go. I want basic driver's ed, but I also want basic car control courses to teach people how to deal with slides and water and ice and what-not. People could even send their kids in from outlying areas for my ultimate drivers' ed on my bullet trains.

I want to encourage to the point of coercion building materials that are highly eco-friendly - low processing expenditures, sustainability, recyclability, etc. I also want to encourage on-the-spot decisions on the creation and spelling of new words like recyclability. I personally am a fan of bamboo (obviously), cork, teak, earthen tiles, stuff like that. I am sure that no one would mind if I used hackberry trees.

I would want a nearby commercial area with banks, stores, shops, venues, restaurants, etc. I want another area for more "business-ey" things like engineering firms, small-scale manufacturing/machining, design studios, warehouses, etc. They should be stepped outward so nothing is too far away from everything. In the other direction, toward the track, there will be condos, hotels, timeshares, garages, and speedy shops (tires, repair, fix-it stuff). Also there will be nice restaurants overlooking the track and cheap restaurants for track-day people who don't have the time, money or patience to sit down. The cheap ones will be the following: McDonald's, Wendy's, Del Taco, Subway, and a sweet cheap hole-in-the-wall Mexican taco-shop. It will be awesome!

Actually, I want to stack as much of that as I practically can in a stylish and functional way. I must say, the most seemingly insurmountable issue is the balance between spaciousness and efficiency. I think it will be crucial to have protected open areas surrounding so that we can have space to roam and explore.

Beyond all of that, I mostly want to get the ____ out of Utah and go almost anywhere! 

Have a nice day.


Carrie said...

You need a what-a-burger - and I know its Utah, but we've got to have a Hogi Yogi! Maybe you could convince someone to sell the Burgers Supreme Fries! Yay!

Jennifer said...

I,personally, will require Sonic. I must have Route 44 strawberry lemon sprites with easy ice. I gave up caffeine (again). You people might not even know me!

Ok, Bri, back to the Utopia: golf carts - awesome! You, as El Jeffe, can set the deed restrictions to allow only renewable, green, whatever resources. And, re the further distances, couldn't we have one of those light rail systems? Esp. if the rail took people to metro public transportation systems so they can commute to work w/o driving. OH! AND SHIPLEY'S!!! MUST have Shipleys!!!